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89257 Illertissen

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Our Responsibility

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„Not only the expectations of our customers, but also those of our employees are directed at us. To fulfill both is our most important claim.“

– Alexander Samatov

Green Awareness

Accept responsibility Acting sustainably together

The corporate culture at the Illertissen site is always aimed at living up to its responsibility towards our employees and the environment. We live and breathe "Green Awareness" and compliance every day! Therefore, an integrated management system for occupational safety, environmental protection, and health care has been in place in Illertissen for many years.

Our topics




Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is a fundamental value which is integrated into our guidelines. The reduction of environmental pollution associated with the production and packaging is of vital importance to us.

Our commitment to generating renewable energy sources through the operation of our own hydroelectric power plant and photovoltaic system, is evidence that we take our responsibility for environmental protection very seriously.

Employee Development

Since our skilled and competent employees are the guarantors of our business success, we are pursuing a systematic approach to individual as well as team-oriented development.

Potential, behavioral culture, continuous improvement, process development and a learning organization are important principles within our company.

Careers at R-Pharm Germany

Social Responsibility

We are fully committed to community and we support and promote different projects:In conjunction with Lebenshilfe Donau-Iller, a market is organized for employees. Lebenshilfe benefits directly from the proceeds. Whenever possible, people with disabilities are integrated in business project. We also support Förderkreises für tumor- und leukämiekranke Kinder in Ulm, Illertisser Tafel and Dominikus-Ringeisen-Werk in their efforts.

Occupational safety

The deeply embedded and applied occupational safety culture plays a key role in the corporate responsibility of R-Pharm Germany GmbH. The aim of our commitment is the effective prevention of accidents of all kinds, as well as the smooth and secure operation of our production plants.

Ongoing development of enhanced occupational safety occurs due to constant exchange on all hierarchical levels and via dialogue with our customers and suppliers.

Health Protection

Health is multi-facetted and fundamental at R-Pharm Germany GmbH. The aim of our company health management (BGM), the healthy work initiative is:

  • to ensure that work at our location is designed to promote health,
  • to increase personal well-being of employees,
  • to prevent absence or excessive stress in the workplace to improve overall quality of life.

Quelle: http://germany.r-pharm.com/Our_Responsibility

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