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Opening of the Product and Process Development Center

26. July 2017

R-Pharm Germany GmbH opens Product and Process Development Center (PPDC) 

PPDC Coating

With the PPDC (Product and Process Development Center) we succeeded in balancing product development and commercial small-scale production.

Within two segregated areas, the PPDC offers both the possibility of conventional (OEB 1-3) and high potent (OEB 4-5) production and packaging of solid dosage forms. All equipment is mobile and can be used as required within the separated and climatically independent zones.

The use of the PPDC as well as the cooperation with formulation development experts enables R-Pharm Germany to complete its offer as a contract manufacturer to the "full service CDMO" for solids

Quelle: http://germany.r-pharm.com/news/Opening_of_the_Product_and_Process_Development_Center

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